Programming Kit for an 11 year old who knows Scratch

Hello Core Electronics

I’m looking for a kickass Birthday Present for my 11 year old. He knows how to program on Scratch. He has a Sphero Spark Edu (which he plays with sometimes) and his own Chromebook. We have an iMac at home. I want to get him a programming kit that he can have fun with immediately. I am happy to buy a kit that has lots of addons.
No soldering at this time. He can learn to do that a little later.

As a reference, I have a CR-10 3D printer at home and I use 3D printers at work for prototyping.

I look forward to your reply.

Thank You


If he has been using scratch the best board to move to to start doing a little more in the BBC micro:bit. There is a wealth of information on the Microbit site and kits for everything from circuits to a robots.

Do You sell kits and addons so he can explore possibilities?


Hi Bender,

I would also recommend the Circuit Playground Express. This is a bit more fun than the Microbit, and its programmed the exact same way. Plus we have an online workshop and tutorials on how to use it:

It really depends on what you want to build as far as what goes with it. He will be able to do many projects with the board alone. There is a great robotics add on called the CRICKIT which would allow him to build a robot:


What About Makeblock?

How is this to use?

The Circuit Playground Express Looks Sweet. So that’s a definite. The Adafruit CRICKIT add looks sweet to. Can you recommend a list of items to connect to it so he can try motors, and sensors that are compatible.
Also are power supplies including with these boards as I have forgotten them in the past.


Hi Bender,

Power supplies are not included. You can use a battery pack:

or just power from the USB.

There a lot of sensors on-board the Circuit Playground Express, so he will have plenty to work with initially. If you decide to get the CRICKIT, here are some great companion parts that are compatible:
Two of these:

Two of these:

One of these:

If you get the CRICKIT, you will need a bigger battery pack:

You can always add more later, but this would be enough to build a simple robot and have some extra lights. Adafruit has many guides on using the CRICKIT to make robots and projects, here is a fun one!

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Cheers. This is Great! I will be ordering soon.

Thanks for your help.

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