Advise - Building a flashing puck

Greetings - writing this for my son (13) as he is uncomfortable, hoping this will be a positive encounter for him!
He is in need of some help/ideas on building a small flashing puck that he is working on for a school technology assignment.
Approx 30mm dia.
Micro controller - Trinket Mo? Or ADAFruit trinket
Sensor - Accelerometer
Flashing Led
Would love some advise before purchase any further products.
Apologise if I am in the incorrect category

Hi Annetta,

Thanks for making a post! If you had a larger size limit a Circuit Playground Express would be ideal:

The 30mm diameter requirement will make things tricky to find something with all those features! The Tinket M0 might be a good choice. Other boards that come to mind are the Gemma V2 which you could combine with something like a FemtoBeacon: