Advise for swimming pool controller

I just wanted some advice on the best way to setup the project attached. I’m wanting to develop a system to manage a household swimming pool. This would remotely manage and get warnings to smart phones based on the levels measure and have historical storage so trends can be managed e.g filter backpressure to know when to backflush the filter….

I’ve used Arduino, a bit of Raspberry pi, some Blynk and read about Tembo but want advice on the ways that with my limited programming skills to get this going. I get that the sensors are just the simple bit but setting up the architecture early on to make it easier for me is important.

My ultimate goal is to commercialise this product as either a retrofit to existing pools or go further to control pumps etc by time from the controller.

Any advice you can provide is appreciated.
Pool Configuration.pdf (66.6 KB)

Hi Bruce,

Sounds like you might be interested in this project shared by another community member!

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the information lead. Awesome and similar project that will help me set direction.



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