Project by Chris5662; The Amazon Alexa-Enabled Smart Pool System

Chris5662 just shared a new project: "The Amazon Alexa-Enabled Smart Pool System"

This project is to allow remote control of my pool and associated lights with a dedicated display inthe house, a phone application and Amazon Alexa. Any and/or all of these input devices may be usedto control the pool. The pool temperature and the status of the control devices are monitored asadditional information.
The base system installed by the pool company consisted of an AstralPools VX chlorinator and aViron P320 multispeed pump. To turn on the spa for example you had to go to the pool equipmentenclosure and manually change the pool mode from “auto” to “on”, turn the valve to direct water tothe spa, and manually set the pump speed to “high”.
It all runs from Arduino and an ESP8266!
All the code and extras are available on GitHub.

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What a cool project! It’s cool to see tools like Alexa used to interface with devices!

Thanks for sharing and this is very similar to my ‘idea’ but you are showing the reality. The only addition to the in my idea is a level sensor in the filter box to automatically open solenoid to fill and alarm when backflush is needed. Simple IO so i should be able to add this to the work you have done. Thanks for the work done to put together the PDF to share.

Good luck. It would have been easier if the pumps / chlorinators were Modbus as standard. Astral Pools in europe / america do have Modbus versions. I am waiting for them to start selling in Australia.