Aluminium Alloy Case (H) for Raspberry Pi 5 (WS-26411)

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Aluminium Alloy Case (H) for Raspberry Pi 5, With Temperature-Controlled Blower Fan…

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What is the size of the fan, and is it replaceable?

Hi John
The fan appears as if it could be brushless (3 wires). You would probably pay more for the fan than the whole cost of this unit.

It certainly looks like the RPi 5 is expected to generate some heat, although it is a bit hard to tell if the heatsink makes any sort of thermal contact with the clever bits or not.
Cheers Bob

Hi, John.

The fan used in this case doesn’t seem to be something you can by individually but this Raspberry Pi active cooler unit also uses the same fan which may be the cheapest way to get a replacement.

The fan itself is contained inside a metal casing that measures approximately at
~30mm length, ~30mm width and ~7.5mm height and is held in place by 3 screws which hold the fan above the surface below it with an airgap of about ~1-2mm.

Hope this helps!