Aluminum Case for Raspberry Pi 5 Single Board Computer (FIT0962)

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Aluminum Case is designed for the Raspberry Pi 5 single-board computer. Experience excellent heat dissipation, lightweight construction, and high…

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if i purchase the case in my cart, will the nvme board fit in this case as well?

Hey Zayed, welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately you may be out of luck here.
We don’t have one in the warehouse I can check for you unfortunately but from having a look at the specifications it seems like the ribbon cable may not be long enough to reach with the added NVMe board.

The ribbon cable that this comes with is only just the right length to be able to connect Pi to the NVME base with the included standoffs. Trying to use this as well as the case will probably create to large of a gap for the cable to bridge.

Hope this helps!