Ambilight HyperHDR

Hi All,

New member and new project for which I need some parts. It’s also the first time i’ve attempted an ambilight project for a TV and would Love any support of hints on parts and/or build.

This Project is: Home · awawa-dev/HyperHDR Wiki · GitHub
Most of the parts required have arrived today except the esp32 and voltage level shifter. I was looking for advice on a esp32 board with the serial requirements in the above URL and most importantly has anyone here done something similar to this? :slight_smile:

The parts I currently have are:
5m SK6812 RGBW LED Cool White
150W (5V 30A) power supply
(Both above from btf lighting on aliex)

RULLZ 1080P capture card

Tesmart 4x1 HDMI Splitter (4k60HDR)

Needed parts appear to be:
ESP32 & voltage level shifter & blank PCB?
Intel NUC (I have an old one, this could run debian and hyperhdr)

or a rspb pi 4 1/2GB & esp32 & volt shifter.

The wiring diagram available is: Level Shifter · awawa-dev/HyperHDR Wiki · GitHub it seems straightforward but I’m still a novice.


Hi Steve,

Welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

This logic level converter should work just fine between 3.3 and 5V

This is a simple but high-quality protoboard that you can use to wire up the shifter and strip.

We’ve got stacks of ESP32 dev boards, all will vary in price which ususally corresponds to the level of documentation the manufacturer has available to use alongside the dev board. You can find a selection here:

We’ve got a guide here that goes over how the logic level shifter works in more detail if you wanted to understand the why as well as the how of connecting it.

The Adafruit neopixel uberguide also has some best practice suggestions including adding a data line resistor and a power supply capacitor which can make your circuit more robust.

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