Arduino Code Embedded Thermal Printer - TTL Serial (DFR0503-EN)

Hi there, I recently purchased Embedded Thermal Printer - TTL Serial (DFR0503-EN) - what sort of arduino library can be used on it? are there sample codes anywhere? please help

Hi Ellie,

Good news! At the bottom of the product page, the product wiki gives usage guides. It’s clunky and far from a finished library, but it should be enough to get you printing:

I’d say ignore all the stuff about Chinese characters causing problems, as you can likely just send ASCII latin characters just fine. It’s also good to see they included examples for displaying images and QR codes. LVGL has a nice tool for converting images into binary arrays you may be able to use (I’d need to take a closer look at the wiki though)

All the best with the project, and let us know if you need any more help down the line :slight_smile: