Embedded Thermal Printer - TTL Serial (DFR0503-EN)

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“Embedded Thermal Printer - TTL Serial”

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Hi team,

I have a DFRobot thermal printer which has JST connectors for the TTL and power. I want to buy sockets to solder onto a board so that i can just connect the printer into the board via the supplied cables, but i don’t really know anything about connectors and the documentation doesn’t specify exactly what they are, i assume because its obvious and everyone knows. :slight_smile:

The link is below to the unit. hopefully the jst connector kit you sell will have what i need.


Hi Andrew,

We’ve got a visual identification guide for connectors.

The printer end of the connectors looks like JST PH connectors to me, we don’t have any of those printers in the warehouse at the moment right now so I can’t measure the pin pitch to confirm it.
If you can confirm the pin pitch with the unit you have and compare the keying of the socket you should be able to rule in or out which JST series the printer uses.

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What sort of arduino library/code should be used for this? I can’t find any infomation