Arduino IDE Unified at Last

If you've kept up with the drama that has followed the Arduino brand over the last couple of years, then you'll know all about the and split that occurred, and the pain that it caused consumers in differentiating between the two brands. If not, check out our other blogs to get caught up, however, today we have good news. Arduino has released a new build of it's IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with IDE 1.8.

The major issue was that and both released different boards with different chips on them that required different core modules and would often only work with the corresponding IDE, despite being under the 'Arduino' umbrella. All of these headaches should be a thing of the past now with IDE 1.8 supporting cores for both the new AVR based boards and existing SAMD ARM Cortex based boards.

There aren't many changes or features added in this release, but a lot of work has gone into ensuring that this release is a successful step towards bridging the Arduino/Genuino divide that has plagued DIY'ers over the last couple of years.

For a more detailed collection of what 1.8 brings to the table, take a look at the release notes here.

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