I cannot find the Arduino/Genunino UNO board in IDE?

Recently I have bought a SparkFun Inventor’s kit. Ver 4.1(SparkFun - Red Board)

I have install the Arduino IDE and necessary USB drivers (CH341 for Mac).
Issue is: I cannot find the Arduino/Genunino UNO board in IDE?

Need support. Thanks in advance.

You probably won’t see it listed as an arduino, just a com port. Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing and what exactly you’re expecting to see?

Do you have “Arduino UNO” as a board, it should work.

I think the latest version of the Arduino IDE replaced “Arduino/Genunino UNO” reference with “Arduino UNO”. Possibly the Sparkfun guide has not be updated.


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Hey Uraine,

Can you please send us a screenshot of this section of the IDE?


Also, if you can jump into the device manager and check for COM Serial/USB devices to ensure it’s showing up correctly.

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Dear Bryce,

Thanks for you’re reply.

So-far So-Good ……. Somehow, I have workout the issue.

I have installed the IDE older ver 1.8.9, this fixed the issue.
And also from the Board manger I have select the “Arduino Uno” instead of “Arduino/Genuino “ — maybe SparkFun Inventor’s Kit manual need to update.

PS. I’m using the Mac OS x

Thanks again.


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Hey Uraine,

Ah, glad to hear it’s all sorted out! if there’s anything else that we can help you with please let me know! It’s always harder to try and troubleshoot across OS :sweat_smile: I’d recommend using WINE as a potential solution if you run into issues like this in the future should let you run Windows based versions of the IDE on your Apple devices. Have a great day!

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