Arduino vs Arduino: A thing of the past

If you have been living under a rock since last year you might not have noticed the gigantic, confusing rift that cleaved the maker world apart. The Arduino vs Arduino debacle has been waging behind the scenes for quite some time, if you want to know more about it see this post from in March 2016, where Massimo Bansi has his say on the whole situation.

A welcome twist in this drama took place at the New York Maker Faire over the weekend. Massimo Bansi ( and Federico Musto ( took the stage to announce an official merger between the rival companies. Arduino LLC ( and Arduino SRL ( will combine at the end of the year under the solitary name of Arduino Holding. There have been legal battles taking place between these two companies since early 2015, leaving the maker world confused and conflicted!

But rejoice! It’s all over, or at least it will be soon. The single company (Arduino Holding) will be source of contact for all Arduino distribution. A seperate, non-profit called Arduino Foundation will be formed to keep the IDE open-source and provide the community with everything they need to enjoy developing with the Arduino environment.

Read Arduino’s official post about the merger here:

Brian Benchoff from Hackaday had some great coverage from the Maker Faire too, if you’re interested:

The specifics of this settlement aren’t yet clear, but rest assured the Arduino wars are over and by the end of the year we will have one IDE, one website and one brand. The brand we all know and love, Arduino!

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