Arduino MKR ZERO as datalogger

Can the SD card slot on the Arduino MKR ZERO be used to read and write files as a data logger?
It says SD for sound, music & digital audio data.
I am also wondering if there is a similar microcontroller that also has wifi in addition to SD card slot?

in the core shop page there is a search bar

search aurdino sd data logger

there are many different types but you would have to most likely write or scetch some code depending how they operate and what you want to logg but there are quite a few from different company`s on there web shop…which can easily be connected to your board…you could an extra usd-card to it …there are also wi-fi modules …just search aurdino wi-fi

Hi @Lisa76361

You left out the I2S. This is a sound bus, when used with the SD card let’s the user read and write music type files.

The SD card on the MKR ZERO is a fully functioning SD card, attached to its own dedicated SPI bus, and is certainly suitable for use as a data logger.

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Thanks for your response. I was looking for a MCU that has BOTH Wifi AND microSD card slot.

Thank you!

Hi Lisa, you could have a look at the ESP8266 and ESP32 variants. They have built in Wi-fi and bluetooth and are compatible with the arduino IDE.