Arduino Nano Every (ABX00028)

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Turn your ideas into a reality quickly with the new Arduino Nano Every.

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I’m interested in the Arduino Nano Every because on your site it says it has one DAC (digital to analogue) output. However I can’t find any further detail about it, and the linked manual for the ATMega4809 microcontroller does not mention anything about DAC.

Does it really have a DAC?

Where’s the documentation on the DAC?




Hi Andrew,

Unfortunately it doesnt look like it does, taking a look over at Arduino’s website indicates that it just has PWM output: Arduino Nano Every | Arduino Official Store
There are some kinda cheap DAC’s on the store though, and if you dont need too much current maybe a digital pot could work!


Hi Andrew,

Well spotted, I have updated the product page and removed the reference to a DAC, not sure where that one got pulled from.
The full pinout is available as a pdf here.

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Hi all
Maybe it is because the command for PWM is analogWrite. A bit confusing what. Almost implies that what you get out of the pin is indeed an analog voltage.
You may be able to get some sort of analog output with an RC integrator to produce a voltage proportional to the average value of the pulses but may not be very accurate.
Another way might be to feed the PWM pulses into a class D audio amplifier (this is basically what they are doing) but the slow speed of Arduino PWM might prevent this from working.
Cheers Bob
ps. Why would anyone want to go from analog to digital to produce the Arduino PWM and then go back to analog. If you already have the digital there are (I think) DAC chips to do this.


Thanks for your assistance, in essence I’m trying to create a digital pot to augment the control of a motor speed controller. The digital pot mentioned could be the easiest answer to this, I’ll look into it further. Thanks again.