Makerverse PAM8302 2.5W Mono Amplifier (CE08263)

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A tiny, low-noise amplifier to bring sound to your project.

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I’m wanting to use a 5v Trinket to send audio to this speaker. Is this the right amplifier for the job? Is there anything else I need?


That is the speaker they provided in the Makerverse Audio Kit I bought along with the amplifier.
Yet to use the kit, it is for the grandkids to learn on.

So I would say YES it is the right amplifier.



Thanks @James46717

Are there Arduino compatible libraries for makerverse line products or is the focus on python? :slight_smile:


Hi PIx,

Jim is on the money, and keen to see what you make!

PS: If you havent found a driver already there are some good audio-PWM libraries around that get the job done.



Thanks Liam.

Just to clarify, does this amplifier accept PWM or AC?

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Hi Pic,

This amp is AC. PWM is a roundabout way of varying a voltage without a DAC. Before grabbing a trinket I’d check that there are libraries of the sort that can output audio. It’s not quite as easy as you would think!

Hmmm. With the synth I want to make I think I want something more robust.

This seems like the right thing.

Looks like that’s designed to work with a Pico. They cost like 10 bucks. Maybe I should rip the bandage off and learn micro-python :face_exhaling:.

I guess I could join the cult, find a HAL, and figure out Rust on embedded systems :crab:
Or I could make it roll with a trinket if I use a few 74HC959s. I might be digging my own grave there :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I’ll leave this blank emoji here which I will later modify to a happy or sad face depending on whether I made the right choice. :dotted_line_face:

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Hi Pix,

Were you looking to play set audio files?

I’d check out the DFplayer if you havent seen it already: DFPlayer - A Mini MP3 Player | DFRobot DFR0299 | Core Electronics Australia

Hi @Liam120347

No I was thinking synthesis. Probably something simple like a cute FM synth. Something to play around with over Christmas holidays.

Do we need the R2R DAC for this amplifier to work with Raspberry Pi Pico? Makerverse 10-bit R2R DAC | Core Electronics Australia

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Hi @Claire109733

Good news :slight_smile:
This will work with any audio signal.

You could an alternative DAC, Analogue GPIO, or even fake an audio signal with the Pico’s PWM.

I think you will get best results with a DAC of some kind, but it doesn’t have to be the Makerverse 10bit.

With that having been said I’ve recently had a lot of fun faking the signals with some 500uf capacitors and a digital GPIO pin on a raspberry pi zero (which is similar to the pico). The results are mixed; little bit of that 1990s punk rock distortion. The maker-verse amplifier handled all of my shenanigans like a champ :muscle:

Does that answer your question? :slight_smile:
Pix :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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