Arduino Not Working

I have bought an arduino uno in December. I didn’t have time to use it. I opened it yesterday, built an easy circuit but it dosen’t work.

Your going to have to supply a bit more information for people to help. Here’s a list of things that could help and that you could provide if you still havent got it working.

Firstly, if you havent already done this go through the Aduino getting started guide at:

Once you’ve tried that and if it still doesnt work respond with the following informsaton:

Which Arduino compatible board?
How are you powering it?
Are there any LEDs light up?
What cuircuit did you try to build?
Did you try the blink circuit that blinks an on board LED?
Were there any messages when you uploaded your program from the Arduino IDE?
What were the board and programmer settings in the Arduino IDE?
If programming using USB Serial did you have the correct port selected?
Anything else that could help.


Hi Shaun,

Great advice there, yep we’ll need some more info to go off to properly help you with this issue.