Is my Arduino Uno faulty?

I want to resume an Arduino course and in preparation I decided to test my Arduino. I tried to get the onboard led to light up but it was already on when I connected the arduino to the computer. I then obtained and uploaded the sketch to turn the led off but it doesn’t do anything. I decided to purchase a new board to see if it would work, thus confirming a fault with my existing board but the nice man in the shop suggested I ask the hive mind. How do I test my board to ensure that it is working well? If it is then the problem is elsewhere. If the problem is with my computer, then I will come back to you.


Hello @Geoffrey172055 ,

Did you upload the Blink sketch included in the Arduino IDE?

If you wrote your own code did you include:
pinMode(13, OUTPUT);

May not be the problem but just in case. :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: Check if the IDE says Done Uploading so we know if the code actually uploaded.



Hello Geoffrey and Jaden,

Can you send through a screen capture of the error message you get when attempting to upload to the board. The diagnostics in the Arduino IDE are invaluable in troubleshooting hardware issues. Thanks

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Thanks very much for the reply. I have to go out this evening. Will get back to you asap tomorrow.


OK, I guess I might be the arduino chimp here. I set up and uploaded the blink sketch from examples and it worked so the board is OK. It is currently blinking away now. I guess it will stop when I upload something else. I’ll go back now and do the whole course again and this time, keep going until I finish it. Thanks for your help and it is great to know about this resource.