Arduino® Portenta Machine Control, Analog Input Configuration

I am looking at the feasability of using the Arduino® Portenta Machine Controller.
Looking at the base unit, the documentation indicates that the analog inputs can be configured as;
3 analog input channels*
Each channel is SW configurable to
■ 0-10V input
■ 4-20mA input
■ NTC input with 3V voltage
reference REF3330AIRSER

How do you configure anyone of those input types to an analog input?
What are the software commands to accomplish this as there are no references to PCB DIP switches.

Thanks… Tom


The selection is controlled by a software-controlled analog switch TS12A44514PWR.
According to the examples:

analog_in.set0_10V(); // Select 0-10v
analog_in.set4_20mA(); // Select 4-20mA
analog_in.setNTC(); //Select NTC


Thankyou very much mate.
Can you post link(s) to the documentation please, especially the examples.

Tom George.

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The examples should be installed automatically as part of the library install. The analog input examples are here:
Arduino_MachineControl/examples/Analog_input at master · arduino-libraries/Arduino_MachineControl · GitHub

There does not appear to be a separate document for the API (as is common ith Arduino libraries) so the documentation is what you can glean from the library header files.
Arduino_MachineControl/Arduino_MachineControl.h at master · arduino-libraries/Arduino_MachineControl · GitHub