Arduino Powered VR Finger Tracking

Hey everyone,

I just stumbled across this awesome project from the YouTube channel Lucas VRTech that allows makers to create an affordable and DIY version of VR Finger Tracking Gloves.

With some potentiometers, torsion springs and an Arduino they were able to get a great representation of their fingers movements in a 3D space, and with the addition of a VR controller, have been able to achieve full hand and finger tracking. They have already been able to implement it in some popular VR games too! The best part is, it was all done for a fraction of the price of commercial finger tracking VR gloves.

Like all great makers they have made all the 3D model files as well as their Arduino and PC side code available for anyone, which you can find on their Hackaday project page here. They are up to their third iteration of the project and they next plan to implement force feedback to allow the PC to control the tension on the gloves for an added layer of interactivity as well as Bluetooth communications to take a step closer to a wireless interface!

It’s definitely one to keep an eye on!


Hey Owen,

Looks siiick, I’ve been following a his progress a bit over on his TikTok account, he’s come along way and its awesome seeing his parts move into the maker community.

I’d be keen to see if anyone remixes it :smiley:

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That’s awesome! He’s got a long way to go, but he’s also come pretty far! So much cool stuff going on all the time!

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