Project by AndrewBG; Camera Dew Controller

I’ve just shared my project: “Camera Dew Controller”

My passion hobby is night-time time-lapse photography and astrophotography/nightscapes. This means a lot of time spent outside in the dead of winter overnight and an issue that I faced was dew condensing on the lens.
This is solved by using a heated dew strap that plugs into 12 V or USB and keeps the lens warm. This works but is a big battery drain, so I designed and built an Arduino-based system to only activate the dew strap when it was in a dew condition.

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Good to see this one published Andrew! Shmick PCBs and those BME modules fit perfectly!

It’s super interesting to see other hobbies combined, especially photography!

Love your work😁


Thanks Liam. This one was a study in fitting as much into a small box as possible :slight_smile:


Wow!!! You literally just solved an issue most night time photographers face.

Is it possible to use NodeMCU instead of Arduino Nano? I really want to try my hands out on this project but I need a cheaper board option.

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Im sure it could be adapted for any flavour of board, but Im just using the $5 knock off Nano’s :smiley: