Arduino Uno board

We looking for Arduino Uno 4G Module. The purpose of our project is to track the location of the kid using GPS. When the kid is going to school and returning back home, the parent must be able to request location from their mobile phone to the arduino uno and receive a link as a SMS to get the accurate location using Google maps. The arduino uno I’m searching much have a sim pocket and support 4G to satisfy the above project requirements.

Hey Anuki,

I would take a look at these boards to get connected: SparkFun LTE CAT M1/NB-IoT Shield - SARA-R4 (with Hologram SIM Card) Australia

You also might be able to opt for a Pycom board connected to “The Things Network” to send GPS locations.

I dont think any Arduino’s come pre-prepared with any Sim capabilities other than the MKR range (the MKR1400 would be a good start here).


Hi Liam,

The arduino uno you have suggested above is 3G supporting. But I’m after a 4G supporting arduino uno module. Could you please assist me?

Hey Anuki,

When you say 4G, I assume you mean CAT M1? Core did a video and write up on this a while back:

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