Arduino UNO R4 Minima (ABX00080)

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Introducing the Arduino UNO R4 Minima! This board boasts the RA4M1 microprocessor from Renesas, delivering increased processing power, expanded memory, and additional peripherals.

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Looking to purchase the Arduino R4 minima. This is my first time playing with arduinos and just wanted to confirm my terminology is correct with the “input voltage being up to 24v”, that this means I can connect the DC barrel jack directly to fused power in my car and the Arduino will regulate the boards voltage at 5v.
(Car battery can vary from 6v - 16v while running).
Just don’t want to fry the board straight off the bat.

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The DC Jack on this device is for a regulated stable voltage, the buck converter then drops it to 5V for the board. Connecting this to a car’s power would reduce the life of the board significantly. There is almost no protection on the board for the spikes and fluctuations that can be present in a car’s power supply.

Suggest using something like this to provide 5V.


You won’t fry the board straight off the bat. As James46717 has noted the car’s power supply can be spiky but is very unlikely to exceed the 24V allowed for the device (or fall below the 6V minimum, for that matter). But I can’t agree with the advice to use an external regulator and 5V. If you do use a 5V input do not connect it at the +5V header pins - this will bypass all the protection already on the board. Make up a USB adapter and connect your 5V through the USB socket.

An automotive 12V power filter between the vehicle 12V and the DC input (barrel socket) on the board should be adequate. They come in a range of sizes and prices. This would be my preference. If you want to go to the extra effort of an external regulated supply use an automotive 12v to 9V regulator, and again use the DC input to the board.

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@Josh158939 I agree with all @Jeff105671 has said.
A power filter or supply to 9V might be all you need, if you use the DC barrel jack.
The supply I listed should be connected to the USB-C connector on the board not GPIO pins.

Filter or power supply depends on how you plan to connect it to the cars power.

If the car has a USB-A charge or power connection, you could connect that to the USB-C connector on the board to provide power.

Ok I’m glad I asked. Thank you everyone for the advice.
I originally thought about using the USB cable for power but most usb cables are thick and heavy so was concerned vibrations etc might damage the connection on the board.
I’ll pick up a regulator/adaptor as suggested and run it through the DC jack.

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