Which One is the Best: Arduino or Genuino

Hello Everyone,

I’m a new to forum. And I’m here to get the best suggestions or guidance of my question. I’m working on electronic robotic project and I want to know about the best board. Actually, I’m lil bit confusion about arduino vs genuino. Which board should to choose for best work. I researched many articles and blogs but still having doubt. Please give your valuable suggestions and guidance regarding this. I need to know it very urgently. Thanks in advance.

Hi Donna,
The Arduino/Genuino divide (and now reunion) is well documented as the point that the trademark disputes over the brand name Arduino began, and Arduino split into Genuino/Arduino with the name being dependant on the world region they are sold in.
Both Arduino and Genuino boards are high quality products and share most of the board models. I wouldn’t worry much about the Arduino/Genuino difference, but you can also get generic Arduino boards which are manufactured by a 3rd party which are decent quality boards, with a slightly different look, but not quite the same standard as an official board.