Are relay products certified for Australia?

Hi there, I’m just checking if the relays sold on this site are certified for connection to grid power in Australia.

In particular I’m looking at the SKU: CE05137

Thanks in advance.

Those ones are rated for 250v/10A AC which is mains voltage in Australia. "Certified " is a different thing.

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Thanks Oliver. My main concern is. Is it legal for a qualified sparky to connect these to power in my house?

After some googling my amateur opinion is probably not. Looking at the product page seems Core likely only sell it for extra low voltage applications (sub 50vAC / 120v DC).

Even though the manufacturer rates it for 250v AC (and it’d be perfectly capable of handling that safely), it probably doesn’t have type approval, so legally you (or your electrician) would be taking the risk on your head.

You’d have to double check with Core, but from my googling and looking at the product page I’d say the answer is no.

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Thanks Oliver

At component level, there are very few requirements (standards, specs, etc). However, when designing a product that does some function, you’ll very-likely need RCM certification. You’ll also need to be qualified to work on 240V gear, which goes up in license classes depending on what type of systems are worked on.

Industrial settings (as opposed to domestic) are not subject to the same requirements (such as the Avionics workshops in the Air Force I worked at for quite some time). However, there are other regulations to follow.

Short story, yep, those and most gear we sell could be used in 240V applications. Though don’t even attempt to mess around with it unless you are qualified to do so. It’s not just lethal, it’s lethal.

Our products, guides and projects are based around low voltage use (the DIY electronics zone).

Thanks Graham, I certainly understand the need to be qualified to “mess around” with the 240v side of the relay. My question assumes that is the case and assumes we install them in a compliant manner. If I buy these can my sparky install them in my house or do we first need to get them certified? You mentioned RCM certification?

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Hey Gary,

Yes, you will need to check in with the original manufacturer of the part to confirm whether they’re able to provide the appropriate certification for you to install this part. If you can please email and reference this forum post I’ll see what information we can find for you in confirming the certification of this part. I’d imagine for this particular board, it likely won’t be (easily) suitable from a legal sense for your application as some other relays such as that which your sparky may know of, although the specifications state that it should be able to be applied correctly to that load and circuit. Have a great day!

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