Argon One M.2 - Won't boot from SSD with supplied USB Jumper

I purchased your Argon One M.2 case last week as I want to run my Pi4 from a SSD in one neat little enclosure.

Before the case arrived I was running Raspbian of a USB3 flash drive without any concerns.

As the case arrived I installed an old SSD 128GB - Crucial M550 M.2 flashed with Raspbian.

I powered it up and discovered that it would not boot from the SSD.

However I discovered if I replaced the supplied USB jumperwith a standard USB3 cable it boots just fine.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Is it possible to have a working replacement USB jumper emailed to me?


welcome to core community forum
i have had hdmi types fail before not core supplied ones other companys its uncommon pls wait for admin to respond…thx

Hey Birger,

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen that before but your testing’s pretty definitive. Definitely looks like a warranty issue

Hey Birger,

I agree, this appears to be an issue with the part. If you can please reply to your order confirmation email, with a link back to this post (I’ve added it below for you) the support team will be in touch to get this sorted out for you.

Have a great day!

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Did this ever get sorted?
I have the same issue. Works fine with a usb 3 cable but not with the usb jumper.
Can’t work out if it’s short or a firmware issue?
Be good to know if OP got it working with a replacement jumper.

Hi Christian.
Sadly never finding out the results of a query seem to be the norm. It would be nice if it were the exception but it would be nice if one knew if the efforts to assist did actually help in the long run. Would be a help to other users too who may have the same or similar problem.
I stress there are some (thank you) who have posted a final result and the above statement does not apply to all.
Cheers Bob

Thanks Bob. Shame.
Is there facility on the forum to contact the op and ask direct?
I have also contracted the manufacturer direct to see if they can shed any light.
I will post my findings it I do get any…

Don’t know Christian. You could try an Email directly to Core Support and see how you go or if you purchased elsewhere you may have to go to your source.
Cheers Bob

Core staff are usually pretty active on the forum but only during business hours. I’m sure @Bryce or one of the others will let you know when they’re in the office.

Hi Christian,

Birger returned his case to us and after inspection, we confirmed it was a manufacturing defect and were able to replace it under warranty. If you send us an email by reply to your original order confirmation/invoice email with a list of the troubleshooting steps you’ve tried we’ll get it sorted for you one way or another!

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Just arrived :smile: As @Oliver said, in this case, it was just that there were some quality control issues on the cable leading to continuity loss, so it was replaced, usually the QC is quite high for these parts, although we do still find the occasional fault. @Christian158002 @Robert93820 If ever unsure about the outcome please feel free to ask us here, even if the post is old, and we’ll be happy to look into it and see what information we’ve got here. Have a great day everyone!


Thanks Oliver. Sounds like a good service I for one was not aware of.
Cheers Bob