Problem with Argon One Pi 4 or my SSD

I have been experiencing an issue with my Argon One M.2 setup. I originally had Home Assistant running on it and it was doing wonderfully for quite some time. It suddenly began to stop responding. I couldn’t access home assistant login at all, so I restarted it and all seemed great. The problem became to get worse as time went on. Sometimes it would literally stop responding while I was directly connected through HDMI. Needing to restart the Pi became more frequent, sometimes only a couple minutes after a restart.

I thought it might be the power and HA, so I moved my Homebridge over to it and brought a new power supple which is a 18 w 5v that is said to work great with Argon One. I stopped seeing power issues afterwards.

But now Homebridge is failing to respond too and I’m forced to reboot. I am now down to isolating 1 of 3 things. If this is the USB connector, which I have just plugged in a new M-M USB 3 cable to see if it persists, but I doubt it is the connector. Problem 2 is that it is my SSD, but I have considered the likelihood that if it was my SSD, then it wouldn’t just stop responding after a couple minutes or an hour and only work again after reboot. Last Problem is a defective Argon One system, which I have found a couple issues with it since buying it, but I was able to live with the issues. My Fan doesn’t work properly with it and it is the Fan that came with it, so I cannot control the temperature.

I was hoping if someone is able to provide some things I can try to confirm if it is indeed my SSD or the Box. Thanks.


Hi Alison,

Thanks for posting on our forum! :partying_face:

By the sound of the issues being intermittent, and likely related to the hardware of this setup, I’d suspect that there’s an issue with the boards inside of your Argon One case. The case being made of aluminium in my experience tends to act as quite an impressive heatsink for the Pi, so even if the fan was removed you shouldn’t be running into issues with overheating, which doesn’t seem to be the case here as the warnings it provides are quite prevalent, and you’d be noticing the extra heat off your board.

In this case, as it seems to be an issue with a defective case from what you’ve described, if you can reply to the order confirmation email you recieved from Core Electronics the support team will run you through a little troubleshooting from there and get this sorted out right away.

Also, if anyone else has suggestions for how to identify these particular issues for this setup, please feel free to post, the forum by design isn’t just for 1 on 1 interaction :grin:

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Thank you for your reply. I was about to try running Homebridge on just a SD plugged into the Pi and seeing if it was fine with it and then I realised that I had already done that. I will try that out again and see how it goes.

I have replied to the warranty email with the pictures they have requested. I really love these little guys ( Pi’s ) Thank you.


imho the fan grease it comes with needs tending to…
the mating surfaces need to be closer ans thin film grease applied check also the argon config file if you have over clocked it especially.check see if you can read write the ssd on another board/system does not have to boot it ma be the usb sata bridge they do fail…id say if it is o/cd the cpu is shutting down from over heating issues…argononeconfd in the etc directory look at my settings it will not allow over clocking in any great deal…best i got was 2 gigHz

my settings i manually have doe as per this page basically…

delete the old entry`s in the file and
copy past the above values into the file

save the file and reboot …also what clock do you have it set to…pls…thx

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