Automatous lighting for small pices of jewelry

i am looking for a way to enhance a gemstone by providing a backlight small enough to fit a ring and yet have no clumsy power source…is tis possible ?

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Huh. This is fancy business; you’d need to bring some pretty A-grade hacking game.

Maybe if the ring was made of battery, or if it used sweat as an electrolyte to somehow form a battery with the finger? The latter, if possible, would probably be a bit yuck… But if you could generate a current that way, it’s probably an order of magnitude or so too small.

On the other hand, what’s this? I think I’ve seen them in phones, maybe? This is an RGBA controller, and it remembers what state it was in when it’s powered off…

I’ve seen them as small as a match head. If that’s a battery, maybe the ring could contain an inductive loop to charge one of these.


Hi Gerry
I think if you are going to illuminate something you will need a power source to do it. I think some surface mount LEDs these days are pretty tiny. But the power to drive it???
You won’t get it for free. You will probably need some real estate.
Reminds me of a little story about eating cake…
Cheers Bob

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It can be done :smile: (a beautiful video)

I was asking about surface mount LEDs today for unrelated reasons and it seems CE dont have stock at the moment. I agree theyre what you need.

What are we working with here @Gerry219541? A photo of the peice with a ruler in the shot might spark some ideas.

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Oh yeah, it took your post to remind me that I saw a vid of some bloke making a barbell for an ‘industrial’ piercing with programmable LEDs in it.

Little stud earrings with LEDs are totally a thing; that’s what he started with.

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Same guy!


Wow :open_mouth: i’m blown away by the craftsmanship. That’s incredible!

(though having an industrial piercing with that many features to snag on seems like a recipe for a mad infection :sweat_smile: )