Lights on fabric

I need to make a textile project that has led lights controlled by a microbit. I have never done this before, so it needs to be relatively simple.
I am thinking of making an embroidered/appliqued cushion that has lights incorporated into the design.
what do I need to buy to do this?
I already have a microbit
Thank you

Welcome Heidi.

You’ll be glad to know you’re not the first to try this, and wearable LEDs are available. Try searching the www for something like “wearable ws2812” to get an idea of what LEDs are available. WS2812 is an addressable RGB LED.

How are you going to power it? Battery or mains?

How not to start a fire. Even low powered devices generate heat, and if that heat can’t escape…

Wiring everything together is probably something that needs to be considered. How do you hide the wires? Do you need to remove the wiring? E.g. washing.

For a quick start on programming the microbit and the LEDs, here is a link:

Hope this helps.


Thank you for your help. You have also addressed many other questions that I had on my list. Are you a mind reader? :smile:

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