Cyber Deck ..... because you can!

Hi all, I’m very much inspired by all your amazing projects.

Here’s my humble effort. I guess during COVID the Maker came out in all of us a bit!

Balsa wood (light weight)
Three coats of resin (strong … now!)
Tarted up with some fluro-active stage tape (Every super computer has to glow inside!).
From Core Electronics:
6 x UV LEDs
1 x Arduino with a 1:4 duty cycle slow glowing (to light the innards)
1 x Raspberry 8G Pi v4
1 x Pi Juice Hat [Battery] (a little over worked as you can see)
1 x 2Tb Drive (from JB Hi Fi)
Storage for 2 x micro SD cards (repurposed SD Card holders for uSDs)
Runs Raspberry Debian and Ubuntu 20.04.3
From (sneaky trip to) Jaycar:
Cable management sheath
Adhesive felt lining
Adhesive Velcro dots (scratchy side - to stick to the felt)

Graham’s team are magnificent and were very patient with me constantly asking when the supply chain shock to 8G Raspberry Pi 4

s would end.

Currently (this hour) running Ubuntu, with 2 VMs: Kali and Windows (not at the same time obviously) - not quite fully working, as I just iron out a couple of minor issues.

Its complex: Pi running Ubuntu, with QEMU and KVM, and 2 VMs.

When you do things no one has done - you find out things that nobody knows! The Pi Juice Hat runs beautifully on the Rasp Debian, but does not like Ubuntu/Virt-Manager at all!
(Its not really meant for that environment)


Looks good, what display are you using?

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Hi Peter,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your work :slightly_smiling_face:

The UV LEDs are a nice touch and very much improves the cyber aesthetic.

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Thanks, its the Pimoroni 8".

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