Remote access over WiFI to IoT/ePaper Screen

I need some help to finalise a shopping list to start my project

I have this screen

And have recently purchased this “Driver Shield’

I need to send a message to it over Wifi from a remote location (mobile phone)
I need a Raspberry Pi Solution
This is what I have in my cart so far (for my Raspberry Pi solution)

I need an equivalent Arduino Uno Solution

I want to use both devices to create two prototypes as my of Baptism of Fire into the realm of Electronics. I’ve been an application developer since 1996.

Please send me a list/invoice so that I may finalise the sale

Hi Nicolas,

I would check out the following products on Core’s site:

(A similar case than the one in your cart)

(this is needed to allow the 5V Arduino Logic to talk to the 3.3V logic of the E-Ink display)

Power supplies:

I would also take a look at the following link on Arduino’s site for interfacing with SPI: Arduino - SPI

Let me know how you go with your project!


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Awesome Thanks

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I was just wondering - Is it possible to use a mobile phone battery? It’s rechargeable and slimmer. Any IoT device would need to last a fairly long time and be rechargeable with a simple USB cable


Do you have a recommended book list (Genre - Noob to Ninja) For Arduino and Raspberry?

Thanks Again

Hi Nicolas,

It is possible to use a mobile phone battery, though it can be tricky getting the correct connection to it. We’ve got a few articles on powering your projects:

As for books, I’d recommend checking out the Raspberry Pi for beginners book and the Arduino Cookbook


I can go with a simple solution and then swap it over later maybe.

I need a slim form factor for the final prototype

I’m just waiting on some information from Waveshare who I bought the screen from. They may be able to provide a much smaller connection to the board than I currently have.

Kind regards

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