Battery voltage dropping very quickly

Sorry if its a dumb enquiry.

i bought

Polymer Lithium Ion Battery - 1000mAh
a 3v to 12v boost 1amp capable from the site.

my circuit basically goes

3.7v to 12v to 240v through an inverter

the issue im having is that my multimeter reads 0.1ma on the current draw at the 3.7v

but the battery only last for like 1-2 minutes im so confused as i thought it should be lasting atleast a few hours
am i reading the current under load correctly

i had the same battery running my arduino for over a day then plugged this in and it dropped so low so quickly.

3.7v to 12v to 240v through an inverter

Hmm, you’re converting 3.7 watts of energy for 240V use - I’m surprised the inverter had enough energy to power up! Might be best to do some homework on other peoples remote / battery powered 240V projects. Never muck around with 240VAC in general though, it’s not just lethal, it’s lethal. Perhaps get in touch with a local electrician if you are unsure with this project.

but you sell an EL inverter that converts 3v to 240v ? you must know somthing about it.

all im trying to do is replace the 3v AA setup with a rechargeable battery setup

Hi Jessie,

My mind went to a different product when you were referring to a 240V inverter! So we can get on the same page, can you link me to the 240V inverter you were referring to?

basically any

Ok thanks Jessie. Bear in mind a typical AA battery is around 2400mAh; so if you are using something much smaller, such as the 1000mAh battery then you’ll get the proportional drop in time that it can sustain power. Moving forward, LiPo’s have a charged voltage of around 4.2V (check the details on the battery you are using). If you are charging it to 3.7V then it will have a capacity much less than 1000mAh. Finally, you should never run a LiPo below it’s safe voltage range. Just mentioning that given the nature/direction of the conversation - have a read around the internet on LiPo’s if you are new to them in general.

All the best with your projects!

well youve given me the information im looking for however is there a way to keep the voltage at the peak instead of dropping overtime ?

If you need a juicier source of power, then perhaps consider getting a powerbank such as this.