Switching from Wallpower to Lithuim Battery

Hi there,

I just have a complex question. Its complex because i know little about the world of circuitry.

My Grandfather has a display case at his house that currently plugs into the wall outlet (230v).
He is moving house and wants to convert the unit to run on batteries so he doesn’t need to plug it in all of the time.

How do i go about installing a system in which the 24v LED strip (1.6 meters in length) will light up via a lithium battery when not plugged in. And when plugged in charges the battery as well.
Id appreciate any help that was available

Hi Hayden,

If you could find some LED strips that ran off of 5V, then this would be a pretty short list of parts. If you want to use 24V we will need power step-up converters. How dense are the LEDs on the 1.6 meter strip?