Battery Run time issue

Hello, not 100 percent but I believe that the battery I ordered doesn’t seem to hold charge

When charged using the ADA1904, the green light indicates fully charged.

Now the component I’m using on the battery only draws 0.029 amps on idle 5v…

And when running (for about 1hr) it draws 0.050 amps Max

and its only lasting like 1 day.

Does this seem correct to you ?


Polymer Lithium Ion Battery (LiPo) 3.7V 400mAh CE04375
Adafruit Micro Lipo w/MicroUSB Jack - USB LiIon/LiPoly charger - v1 ADA1904
Adafruit Trinket - Mini Microcontroller - 5V Logic ADA1501
  • 6x small LEDS

Hi @Vaughan65984,

Thanks for sharing those details. If I’ve got this right, the load is drawing 0.029 Amps @ 5V. That’s 0.145 Watts (5x0.029)

The 400mAh battery will be able to deliver 1.48 Watts of energy (3.7x0.4).

With the above in mind, your project, all going well, could be powered for 10 hours in perfect conditions.

If it’s lasting for about 10 hours, then that’s about right when following the math. You can use the above approach to find a better suited battery between charges.