Best and most powerful servo to run directly from Arduino

Hi all,
I am working on small very basic project where I need a servo to open and close a small valve gate.
I am essentially building a miniature silo for a business expo display which will dispense M&M’s.

I plan to use an Arduino to open and close the gate using a servo. I will have to workout how far it opens and for how long with a try as I go to get the measure of M&M’s just right.

My actual question is:
What is the best and most powerful servo that I could use running it off the arduinos power? I don’t want to have to use any extra modules or power supplies if I can avoid it.

The servo will be triggered when a user inserts their business card into a slot (so we capture the customers details) and as a reward, the silo dishes out M&M’s from the loading spout underneath. For this I will use a simple beam sensor, when card falls through slot, breaks beam, activates servo open close function.


Just to follow up to my question:
Can this be run directly from an Arduino?

I am new to Arduino so still learning what it can do and its limits etc. Have been using Raspberry Pi’s until now.

Hi Chris,

What you can run will depend on the current draw of the Servo, The Arduino I/O pins should not have more than 40mA drawn from them or it may cause damage to the board. That servo is 160mA so is way above and should not be run directly from the Arduino.