Controlling Servo Motors with Arduino

Aidan just shared a new tutorial: "Controlling Servo Motors with Arduino"

Servo motors are extremely useful in so many different applications; it’d be good to learn how to control them! Solenoid and DC motor control has been shown already; for the most part they are both pretty straightf…

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Ive just done this setup and will be implementing it with a pushrod and servo horn so i can open my PC case with an IR remote.

PC Case im using is the Inwin 915.

**Side note, make sure you use external power supply for the servo and split the ground to the Arduino board. I ran the servo to start with purely from the Arduino board and the servo kept returning to neutral. As soon as i attached a 6v battery pack the servo stayed at the designated angle.

This project is fantastic and very simple.


Hi Mark, Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Opening the PC case via IR control sounds pretty cool, glad you liked the project.

That’s a great point, this tutorial is written assuming you use hobby sized servos which are within the current limits of the Arduino pins, but there are many servos out there that need more power and those would definitely need an external power supply and a common ground to operate correctly.


If your interested, here is the end result. Very happy with all the products i’ve purchased from core-electronics and tutorials from here.


Hi Mark,

That’s looking schmick, were you going to mount it to conceal the servo or show it off through the front?

Thats for replying Trent.

For now i was just trying to get it to work and worry about the cosmetics after.

I guess theres quite a few options…

Dress the servo in a black box and spray the horn and pushrod for blending. or

Discreetly mount the servo somewhere, then reroute the pushrod somehow so it still funtions. Or possibly using thin wire and hobby stuff to run a pully system(sounds complicated and probably is).

Space is limited due to all the other stuff in there heh.

As its the back of the case and sits on the floor, ill never see it so not too phased. The front is the same plate just no grills and opens the same way to expose multipule fans(that i have in a pull configuration), or leave open for airflow, so that would actually be a practicle implementation for hot days if the aircon isnt on.


Love it! Great project! I can see alot of addition to that case controlled by IR… some bright LED’s inside would look great too!