Bluetooth Circuit

Hi All!

I am wanting to integrate a circuit into a bluetooth chip that will allow me to turn the chip on and off by the press of a button. I was wondering how I can go about doing this and still keeping the overall circuit size relatively small.

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Hi Emma!

This should be no problem! If you just put a switch in the power line to something like this:

Great thank you- it doesn’t say on the site, but do you know the rough size/dimensions of the product?

Thank you!

Its approximately 10 X 25 mm.


Hi Stephen

I was wondering if I could pick your brain again! I have the bluetooth chip EM9304 (Here is a link to its specifications and similar to my question before, i want to integrate a switch/push button circuit that will allow me to either turn the chip on/off or put it in and out of sleep mode. This chip is really really small and I am wondering how I can do this!

Any help is much appreciated! Thank you!


Hi Emma,

I took a look at the link that you sent me, and its not really a consumer level product, and as such I can’t tell how to enter sleep mode on the device. This is hardware info only and a software package would need to be developed for it to utilize those commands. Alternatively you could put a switch on the power line to the chip to turn it off manually. It would probably be best to turn it off or put it in sleep mode with code though. In order to better help you with your problem I’m going to need some more information:

  1. A brief description of the exact problem you’re trying to solve (include links to the parts, or at the least their names)
  2. Any relevant code that is running in your project
  3. A clear top down view of the circuit/project. To avoid needing multiple pictures, we’ve found the best way forward is to prepare your images using one of the three following tools:
    a. Fritzing – A easy to use, Open Source tool (Free Download required - )
    b. TinkerCad Circuits – Another free & easy to use tool, but this one is browser based and requires a login ( )
    c.Draw a simple block diagram of what your circuit should do, alongside a picture of a top down shot of your circuits (Pen, Paper and Camera Required)

Hi Stephen

Thank you for replying

I am still in the early ideas stage of the project so have not yet put together any hardware.

I am just gathering information at the moment as to how I can use a breadboard to develop my idea more. I am not sure myself how I would be able to put the chip into sleep mode with code and am trying to research this further.

I am planning to use a lithium cell battery to power the device but am stuck on how I would use inputs (such as push button) to put the device into sleep mode. You mentioned that this could be done manually and was wondering how I would do this.

Thank you again


You can physically turn the Bluetooth off by removing power to it with a switch (like how a light switch works), but if you want to put it into sleep mode manually with a switch, you will need to have a micro controller to detect the button press, and then the micro controller would execute the code required to put the Bluetooth into sleep mode. Why do you need to be able to put the Bluetooth into sleep mode manually? I believe that they go into sleep mode automatically when they are not transmitting, but I could be wrong. The energy use of a Bluetooth antenna is extremely low. BLE antennas use so little power they might as well not be using any.

I hope that helps!

Thank you for your reply!

From researching the chip I have found that essentially the chip itself has the CPU, I/O interface, Power management and Bluetooth radio.

Therefore through connecting to the correction PINS on the chip would the chip itself be able to detect the button press? However I am still not sure how I would execute/code this?

Thank you again!

Hi Emma,

I’m a little confused, are you talking about the chip itself, or the HC-05 Bluetooth Module that you linked to earlier?

I don’t think the chip itself will be programmed in any way that will allow you to connect a button to it. I’m suggesting that if you removed power from the entire bluetooth Module that would turn it off. I suggest that you check out these tutorials on how bluetooth systems work and how to set it up:

Hopefully that points you in the right direction!