Bluetooth Module (HC-05) (CE00021)

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This works well - haven’t tested the range capability yet - but used for Bluetooth control is ideal. There are several free android apps available on the Google Playstore that can be used in conjunction with it.
A word of warning though do not do as I did with the first one I bought. Take care to mount it somewhere it is protected from collision damage. I drove the first one under a lounge and broke it at the connector.

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Thanks Ian! I too have one of these on my quadcopter - 2.6 grams of extra weight is a nice trade-off for wireless config updates.

That robot / thing must have had pace as that’s a fairly solid connector! Were you able to battle-repair it?

Hi Graham,

It may well be repairable as it does work intermittently but I have not looked at it yet.
Quite an object lesson of why you should not use a mobile phone whilst driving.