XBee S1 blown

I’ve just “blown” an XBee S1 and am trying to get another one or would there be a good replacement (a pair needed of course). I’m a newbie so not clear on what my options would be

Hi John
Check Core web site. This device has been retired but they have a replacement just called “XBee”.
Cheers Bob

Hey John,
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What are you looking at using the Xbee for? While we don’t have that exact product currently, we may be able to find a suitable replacement for it if we can get a better idea of your project needs?


Hi Blayden

I was following an example in the Arduino Cookbook Edn 3.

I’d like to do a Bluetooth connection - I use the DrDuino Explorer which has this BLE module

I’m new to all this but experimenting with many options.

Its all on the presumption of controlling something over/remotely by Bluetooth, WiFi etc…

Hey John,

I suspect that module is a HC board, probably the SH-HC-08 or another BLE variant given it is on the DrDuino Explorer.

With that being said, it should be relatively easy to rig up a HC-06 or similar bluetooth module to a microcontroller of your choice to essentially act as a Serial Port that you can transmit and receive from to control and receive data from other bluetooth devices (although likely with a decent amount more power draw):

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tks Bryce
apologties for long response.