I ordered an HC-05 but got an HC-06

A few days ago I received my order of the HC-05 Bluetooth module, but instead of opening it and getting an HC-05 I got an HC-06. Please help.

Hi Jonathon,

The key difference between the HC05 & HC06 is that the HC05 can operate as both a master and slave. Almost always, the device is not used as a master, rather, it’s a slave configuration (connecting “to” a PC or other master device).

If you were planning on using it to send data from your Arduino/project to a PC then it’s a drop-in replacement.

Okay so basically you are saying I should just not worry about it an use the HC-06 if I don’t plan on using it as a master module?

Yep! It’s really unusual to have a need for one of these in master mode for typical DIY projects

Okay well that’s what I’ll do thanks for your help.