Bluno Mega 2560 connect via bluetooth V5.0

The Bluno Mega seems like a good device but my phone cannot see it. My phone is running Bluetooth V5.0 which I believe is supposed to be backwards compatible with the V4.0 running on the Bluno. I can see the Bluno with my wife’s phone using V4 bluetooth, and other phones using V4.1. My phone is a Samsung galaxy A8.

Does anyone know how i can get my V5.0 bluetooth phone to see the Bluno Mega?

I suppose I could add a HC-06 module or similar.

Hi Peter,

How are you trying to connect it? Have you had a go at the tutorial from DF Robot?

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Yes I am trying to connect via the Bluno Basic Demo. It works fine with my wife’s phone which is using B V4.#. ie. I can turn on/off LED13 using my wifes phone. My phone (bluetooth V5.0) does not see the Bluno when I scan for devices, and I also cant see it in my phones settings>connections>bluetooth>available devices. (I can however use my phone to connect to eg. my car, so I am confident that my phone’s bluetooth is working).