Building a RC robot that can walk, punch and see actions and store them as memory

parts for a rc robot that can be switched into a controlled or a talk to robot like in the movie real steel robot boxing

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Hi Tyson,

Sounds like an awesome project!

Without much information about size and the constraints of your project its hard to recommend parts, but to get a gauge on what the implementation of the robot would look like I’d check out Atlas from Boston Dynamics:

The team there have spent yeaaars working on the control systems to get the robots fluid movements and human-like balance. (No easy feat by any means)
James Bruton has some great videos on robotics as well:

Narrowing down a couple of the options for control, you could use a Speech to text module such as this: Gravity: Offline Voice Recognition Sensor - I2C & UART | DFRobot SEN0539-EN | Core Electronics Australia
And for interfacing with the robot I’d check out this robot arm controlled with some potentiometers:
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To make the robots above you’ll need a pretty good understanding of mechatronic systems (I happen to be studying it at Uni now :smiley: )
For these robots to be smooth you’ll need to analyse how the comonents work and implement control systems, a PID controller is an example of a simple control scheme: PID controller - Wikipedia

the size might be between 4 - 6 feet in length 1.5 - 2.5 feet in Width. the time will be awhile to save up money to buy everything at once parts and material