Building a solar, GSM remote camera to send photos to phone

Hi All,

I’m a newbie to the electronics world, so this might be biting off more than I can chew… but I thought I’d see how complicated it is.

Up till now, I’ve bought trail cameras to monitor a remote feed bin for animals. Given I’d like to deploy a number of cameras, I’m wondering if building my own is a cost effective option. Cost and reliability are the 2 main factors - as far as functionality, I just want a camera that I can txt and it will send me a MMS of the feed bin (only needs to be during the day). If it had a timer to automatically send it twice a day (on email or txt), that’d be a bonus. It would need to be solar powered as it needs to be set-and-forget.

Just interested to know how hard this would be and approx cost? Any thoughts?



Hi Peter,

People have achieved things similar to this with Raspberry Pi’s and Pi cameras. Instead of texting the Pi, you can send a command over Wifi/Twitter/email/etc and it could send a photo back over email or upload to a shared location. This could also be easily done with a timer if you wanted to. If you want to use solar, you could combine a solar panel with a LiPo battery.

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