Capability of SparkFun RTK Facet L-Band and use in Oz

Hi I am investigating if the SparkFun RTK Facet L-Band is the thing for me. I was wanting to know if the L-band frequency is avalible here in Australia and who the supplier may be along with the connection costs on a monthly basis for very low usage. The purchase price says it includes “'correction subscription for 12 months”'. Also can we use our mobile network for the correction instead i.e. telstra g4 for correction ?
In addition to this the videos on the product mentions sw maps as the gis map used. Is this also usable in oz? Thanks

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Hi Shane,

I haven’t used PointPerfect myself, but it does seem to be well worth exploring given it removes the need for a base station for RTK.

They have a coverage map here PointPerfect Service Description

Limited Aussie coverage, though it seems to be improving over time.


Thanks Graham appreciate your response and I will look further into it. Any thoughts re using telstra 4g for correction instead of Pointperfect?

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Point perfect is available as per the maps online in Australia but notice it is only via mobile phone coverage which makes it a bit pointless - you can use the free Australian CORS service instead where you have mobile phone coverage. It seems there is no information about any Australian plans for the L-band satellite option available overseas.

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