Capacitive Touch Sensor - Device ID does not match PiicoDev CAP1203

New to this, so please be nice :slight_smile:

I am running a PiicoDev Capacitive Touch Sensor CAP1203 on a Raspberry Pi 3A. When running the example script ( using python3, I am getting an error: Device ID does not match PiicoDev CAP1203

Now first of all I though it was my bad code, but I am also getting this error with the example code… the script still runs, should I ignore or is it something simple I should fix.



Hey @Shannon - we’re looking into this right now!


Hi @Shannon. We have been able to replicate the issue. You are right, scripts still run fine.
It’s an erroneous message that doesn’t effect the operation of the touch sensor. We will be rolling out a fix for that message in the near future.


Thanks so much Peter, loving these devices. It has made my project not only a reality but so much better than I original thought.

If I can do a decent write up I will certainly share.

Thanks again


Hi Shannon,

Thanks for reporting the issue, keen to read your write-up when you share it.


@Shannon I’ve suppressed the device ID check to patch this annoying message. For some reason the check worked fine on RPi Pico, but didn’t play well with Raspberry Pi (Single-board computer)

In any case, its suppressed because it doesn’t appear to offer any real value

Update your piicodev package (0.0.13) and you shouldn’t see it again. (Tools > Manage Packages > piicodev > upgrade) You may need to select the ellipses (…) to select the correct version


Thanks Michael, that has done the trick perfectly.

For anyone out there who is only using the terminal, the following commands helped me.

  • See current installed version by using: pip3 list
  • Upgrade to a particular version using: sudo pip3 install piicodev==0.0.13

A more general-case (timeless) upgrade command would look like this:

sudo pip3 install --upgrade piicodev

this would make sure you’re up to date, and not fetching the exact version 0.0.13