Car hacking re:: uart-sparkfun obd2 board....assistance fedora linux usbport permission

Hybrid car Hacking RE:: oBD2-UART-SPARK(not fun)–Require Basic Linux (Fedora)–USB PORT permission assistance,also how to find readme files in fedora…also…who to talk to about the Package Freediag and PyODB.(It is all related directly to the use of the UART. I don’t want the short answer here …please refer below to marketplace.)
I am annoyed that my previous post has not received feedback for two days,emoji emoji.
My request is vital as I need some information on getting the above packages running.This board is competing in the marketplace but you don’t appear to notice and there are better boards, maybe even support**
There should be someone lying around who knows the Fedora linux or the concept of USB PERMISSION IN GENERAL.The tutorial from SPARK-f is much to limmited to the ardino set.** Now that I have found the data sheet and the Spakfun talks from Pete vid. I am finding my feet out of the confusion of the university tutorial type format of the hookup tutorial RE; Sparkfun.
I need an explanation of USB port permissions or help with Fedora permissions also how to find readmes and who to talk to about the above packages.
I would like an explanation of how the elm 27x chip works, at a control level. I may be able to find this.
I would like a go to fellow for can Bus and linux.
Please tell me if I am wasting my time as I Sparkfun do have more experience.

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Hi @richard59591.

Hmm, I don’t have experience with the moving parts of this project, nor have I seen similar ones here at Core. Might be best to engage the OEM and/or a community forum that has dialogue/experience with this sort of thing.

All the best with it!

Graham, To quote a great man, oliver Twist , I want some more.

I dont know which forum you refer to and port permission is no rocket engine.

I should be able to get help from sparkfun and you can tell them that there is a big hole in their reference audience.

If you choose thusly so be it.

Usually, in the *nix environment the user accessing the tty port must be added to the tty group. On some systems, this is automatic, set up in the system defaults, on other systems, it needs to be done manually.

I don’t run fedora, so I can’t say for certain if this is the problem, but it’s a good place to start.