Help needed: Problems updating driver for the RedBoard to function for Arduino 1.8.13

I have issues trying to update the drivers for the RedBoard. I tried following the tutorial (Sparkfun Redboard - Setting up the Software IDE - YouTube), but it didn’t work for me. In “other devices”, a device named FT231X USB UART. I tried connecting it to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\drivers\FTDI USB Drivers”, which I believe is correct, but all I get is an error message telling me it can’t find any drivers. There isn’t any USB device named “COM XX” either…

Hey Jeff,

Is that the Redboard or the Redboard Qwiic? I know sparkfun use the CH34x series of USB-Serial chips on some of their boards. If it’s an FTDI chip (FT232x), or a PL2302 HXD (or later) you shouldn’t need to do anything special.

What was the message before this? Did it say that the best drivers were already installed, or was there a message about missing drivers? If drivers were missing, what were your options and what did you select? Also, what is the exact error message? There is a big difference between can’t find any drivers and can’t find any newer drivers.

If drivers are missing and it can’t find any drivers that indicates that you are looking in the wrong place, or the download didn’t complete properly.

In the device Properties dialogue, what are the files listed as ‘Driver files’ in the Driver Details pane?

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