Case for camera

Good afternoon,

I am looking at buying the camera board but would like to mount it and a Pi Zero in a case, but I am unsure which case (if you stock them) would house the Pi and camera.
Any suggestions please?


Hey Greg,

We don’t have a case specifically for the Night Vision Cameras that I’m aware of I’m afraid. A suggestion I’d consider would be buying a case with a bit of headroom like this one (it’s designed for the Pi TV HAT) and doing a bit of DIY to add mounts for the Night Vision Camera. You will need to take into consideration that the mounting points for the Infrared LED’s are also the connectors to power them! (shown below)


Hope this helps!

Hi Owen,

Thanks for getting back to me with this information.
I might have to get somebody handier with “physically mounting things in boxes” (lol) than I to help make a single box solution with this camera and Zero.

Appreciated. :slight_smile: