CC2541 Chips Project

Could anyone please help me?

My project is to flash the HM-10 firmware onto CC2541 Chips. But my Board supports 5v and after flashing the firmware The led Pin isn’t blinking… I was thinking because I use a Mac and I flash through a Virtual Machine, but later, after compiled CCLoader to Mac through GCC -o CCLoader main.c and flashing it again I’ve obtained no success… ( Nothing is working ) . what I could be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

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Hmm, lots of things that could’ve gone wrong. First thing to note is the CC2541 appears to be a 3V device (absolute max is 3.6V) - if you connected it directly to 5V you’ve probably killed it.

Are they pre-assembled on a PCB for you, or are you trying to design/assemble them yourself?


Thanks for ur quick answer, Oliver.
They are pre-assembled on a PCB for me. But I got it,
Thank u!