Anet A8 3d printer unbrick

Hi im Pete, this is my first post, I was trying to upgrade the firmware on my Anet A8 with the latest Marlin software to make it a bit safer when printing, eg over temp alert etc… I am totally useless when it come to this stuff (I know I know lol why did you touch it Pete) so anyway, now its bricked and I need help, well basically step by step instructions on how to unbrick it. I have the necessary hardware the usbisp avr thingy, the 10 pin to 6 pin reducer, now all I need are the instructions and which programs to get it going again, any help would greatly appreciated many thanks and hope to chat soon.

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Hi Peter,

I just want to confirm, have you read through the firmware update steps to make sure your doing it correctly (except what caused the problem). Maybe its not really bricked?

This is the link to the firmware and instructions files for the Anet A8. Perhaps try the Firmware Reset link?
I wish I knew more about this printer so I could be more helpful!

Let us know if you work something out!

I should add that if its really bricked, you can buy a new controller board and replace it. Take a look for “Anet V1.0 3D Printer Controller Board for A8”. They are pretty cheap and it looks like there is no soldering required to replace it.

Hi Stephen, the link didn’t come through. Yeah I did buy a new controller board $40 from an aussie dealer on eBay it should be here by Friday its the easiest option for me, Thanks for your reply really appreciate it.