Chaos to new user: Arduino vs Genuino vs Compatible

Hello from a new user. I have just ordered the Arduino board and have the software sitting in downloads, which is my next stop. Man it was crazy. It was easy to work out that there were ‘compatible’ boards, but darn hard to actually work out where a ‘Genuine’ board could be purchased! Wish me luck :wink:

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Hi William,

The Arduino trademark is under international contention at the moment; which does lead to some confusion! The short story, if you buy “Genuino” gear then software from will work fine. If you buy “Arduino” gear then software from will work fine.

Compatible” boards will generally work with either software, however, those manufacturers don’t always support the innovative side of Arduino.

We’re privy to the legal tension around the brand and have worked towards an amicable customer experience while respecting the rights of everyone involved. The only way our customers here in Australia can buy an “Arduino” branded board which they discovered via a project or through conversation is if we go through our distribution channel with So that’s exactly what we do!

With that said, there is a group of people out there that want to get behind Masimo and they buy Genuino products (the only method to support in Australia).

Whichever ecosystem you choose, the community code / projects from around the internet will work on either (some very distant edge cases, but you’ll likely not hit them).

More excitingly, what projects do you have lined up?

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